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Three sisters in Moscow 

based on Cekhov and a true crime from today's Russia

Staatstheater Augsburg, Augsburg, Deutschland

„We must be free, be free. The reason we are depressed is that we know nothing of freedom. We come of people who didn't know freedom...“

In 2018, Russia was shaken by a criminal case: Three sisters, just 19, 18 and 17 years old, have killed their father. The latter is said to have abused his daughters for years. The case triggered much media attention, and the trial is still pending. Against this background, director Andreas Merz Raykov retells Chekhov’s »Three Sisters«, showing how the factors of oppression and justice affect the characters’ inner longings.

starring: Natalie Hünig, Katja Sieder, Christina Jung, Julius Kuhn, Sarah Maria Grünig, Thomas Prazak, Klaus Müller, Sebastian Müller-Stahl, Kai Windhövel, Stefanie von Mende

director: Andreas Merz Raykov

set- and costume design: Galya Solodovnikova

co-director: Ekaterina Raykova-Merz

muisc: Stefan Leibold

dramaturgy: Sabeth Braun​

photos: Jan-Pieter Fuhr

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