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„Has the war changed me? Definitely yes.“

In the summer of 2010, the residents of Donetsk were eagerly awaiting the European Football Championship in their own country, Beyonce gave a concert in the Donbass Arena, a new airport was built and two Germans organized a street theatre festival on the central Lenin Square. Today, the metropolis in eastern Ukraine is already in its tenth year of war. Former residents are scattered all over Europe. Using biographies and travelogues, the Ukrainian-German ensemble tells the personal stories of a city on the abyss.

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of July 2024 in td Berlin.

starring: Zorayana Dybovska, Alexander Finkenwirth, Kateryna Goncharova, Kristin Suckow and Valeriya Treshchova

text: Kateryna Penkova

director: Andreas Merz
set and costume design: Artem Mokrenets

supported by:


Documentary theatre project

TD Berlin, Germany

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