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The Idiot, Dostoevsky

Staatstheater Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

„Oh, no -- it is for you, for myself, and for all of us together, that I am alarmed. I am talking like this in the hope of saving us all; in the hope that we will not just disappear altogether -- into the
darkness -- unguessing its danger -- blaming everything around it, and losing ground every day.”


starring: Jessica Higgins, Daniel Scholz, Marielle Layher, Ulrich Hoppe, Karin Klein, Edda Wirsch, Jörg Zirnstein, Hans-Christian Hegewald, Robert Lang-Vogel, Stefan Schuster, Ani Aghajanyan, Dalila Djenic, Karyna Derr, Andrzej Marciniak

director: Andreas Merz Raykov

stage and costume design: Jan-Hendrik Neidert and Lorena Díaz Stephens
dramaturgy: Karoline Hoefer

sound design: Timo Willecke

photos: Nils Heck

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